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1. ______ more than 65,000 described species of protozoa, of which more than half are fossils.
2. Author James Michener is known for stories about the islands of the Pacific Ocean, where ______ in the Second World War.
3. ______ key feature of an automated production process is its control, either total or partial, by machinery.
4. The planet Neptune is about 30 times ______ from the Sun as Earth is
5. The actress Katherine Cornell, born in 1893, ______ on the New York stage in 1920s.
6. The epic poem, ______ the story of a great event in a noble style, is usually given continuity by the activities of a hero.
7. Often invisible, always in motion, gas is ______ of matter.
8. Insulin is manufactured by specialized cells in the pancreas and released ______ glucose reaches a certain concentration in the bloodstream.
9. The amount of material ______ is an important consideration in qualitative chemical analysis.
10. Enid, Oklahoma, ______ a stopping place on the Chisholm Trail in the 1800s, is now the site of the fourth largest wheat storage space in the world.
11. Hail forms on unit summer days when a fast-moving cool air mass meets a warm, moist air mass and rapidly forces ______.
12. X-rays are produced ______ high-energy charged particles collide with other charged particles or with atoms.
13. The sea otter, ______ native to North Pacific coast, has a broader body than the freshwater otter has.
14. By the late nineteenth century, industrial technology had reached the limits of ______ using coal and steam alone, and new energy sources were being developed.
15. ______ was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
Petunjuk: Nomor 16 sampai nomor 40 dikerjakan dengan memilih pilihan yang tidak sesuai (salah) dengan konteks kalimatnya. (error analysis)
16. An object's mass makes it resist a force that tries to change its state of motion, whether it is moving nor at rest.
17. The current trend is for zoos to feature animals born in captivity than rather those born in the wild.
18. The primary purpose of a modern telescope to be collect light as a refractor, a reflector, or a combination of both.
19. Lucy Maud Montgomery, a Canadian novelist, is best of known Anne of Green Gables, the story of a spirited, unconventional orphan girl.
20. Water is one of the most important of all solvents, because it can dissolve much inorganic compounds and some organic substances.
21. Included among the types of creative products protected by copyright laws in the United States are books, motion pictures, computer software, and work of art.
22. An attempt by government, business, or educationally institutions to remedy the past effects of discrimination against minority group is referred to as "affirmative action".
23. Twenty minutes of vigorous exercise every day is very effect in helping a person to maintain physical fitness.
24. Geometric features first appeared more than 15,000 years ago in both practically and decorative forms, such as shapes of buildings, cave paintings, and decorations on pottery.
25. It is important to diagnose learning disabilities early because specialized teaching techniques can help students with learning disabilities overcome obstacles to their successful in school.
26. Candles and oil-burning lamps remained the chief sources of artificial illuminations when the middle of the nineteenth century, when kerosene lamps came into common use.
27. The poor condition of prisoners are what concerned Dorothea Dix, an American social worker and director of a school in Boston.
28. Although gorillas have no natural enemies, male leaders typically attack all intruders, thereby allow females and the young to flee to safety.
29. Compounds of sodium were used during ancient times, but the reactive highly nature of the element its preparation as  prevented as a pure substance until 1807.
30. A new architectural styles, generally designated as modern, emerged in many countries in the 1920s.
31. Communications satellites are relay stations in space for sending telephone, televise, and other messages around the world.
32. Cosmogony is a term applied to the study of the origin and development of the universe as well as to the theories concerned its origin.
33. Beside large numbers of elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and mule deer, a various of birds can be found at the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming.
34. Flint was a favored material of prehistoric humans, which used it to make tools and weapon, because it would chip into shapes with sharp edges.
35. Why the piratebush is so rare, even though there is many habitats suitable for its survival throughout the Appalachian Mountains, continues to puzzle scientists.
36. The flamingo constructs a cylindrical mud nest for its egg, which both parents care for it.
37. Mutiny of a ship's crew against the captain signifies the breakdown of the obedience and discipline required to deal effectively to perils at sea.
38. It was until the mid-1850s that the famous painter Martin Johnson Heade became interested in landscape painting.
39. Many sedimentary rocks were deposited in the ocean contain the fossils that record much of Earth's history.
40. Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, was founded in May 14, 1607, on a peninsula in the James River in Virginia.

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