Testimoni siswa TOEFL ITP Edinmelb

What Edinmelb students say

It is such a pride for me having a chance to study TOEFL on EdinMelb Online course. I have been studying TOEFL for two months, and I got improvement in my score. The way of studying in Edinmelb is really systematic. Besides, the explanation is in the form of video so it makes easier for learners to understand. Moreover, there are also solutions for each quest in every mission to help learners find the correct answers. I hope I can get 575+ after completing the course. Thank you very much Edinmelb!

[Teacher: "After 2 months studying TOEFL Structure, Ummi got a score of 610 in her midterm test for the Structure & Written Expression section."]

Ummi S. T.
Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Muhammdiyah Ternate

I think Edinmelb is :
1. An online English/ TOEFL Learning website that really helps me as a beginner in English
2. The TOEFL material described in Edinmelb is very complete and the explanation is easy to understand
3. Edinmelb can help improve my TOEFL score because the questions provided are equipped with discussion and answer keys.

Kurnia Paris Nainggolan
Universitas Negeri Medan Jurusan Ekonomi

Edinmelb is an outstanding online course offering interesting English learning experience. The carefully-arranged material sequences help students to learn gradually and systematically. TOEFL which has been a great struggle for many English learners has been explained so effectively through the virtually accessible videos. Besides, the proximity of Edinmelb to both  progressive learning and flexibility makes us as students feel comfortable and satisfied learning here. With Edinmelb, we can learn English whenever and wherever we want.

[Teacher: "Rofikah started the class with a score of 550 for the structure section. In her midterm test, she reached a score of 610.]

Ummu Rofikah
Pend Bahasa Inggris, UIN Alauddin Makassar

Taking part in this online class makes me feel in luck. I am very helped by its flexible online learning which can be accessed at any time. The material presented structurally through tutorial videos helps me to understand each skill [material]. Flexible time, simple tutorial and learning progress which be monitored directly encourage me to reach a high score. In Edinmelb, we can learn flexibly wherever and whenever we want.

[Teacher: Hartina`s midterm test score for Structure & Written Expression section was 600.]

St Hartina
English lecturer at Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo

Ini sangat membantu sekali. Belajar TOEFL dengan waktu yang bisa di sesuaikan. Sangat pas untuk yang punya tanggung jawab lain dan yang berkeinginan belajar seperti saya. Dari dulu ingin belajar TOEFL dan selalu ketunda karena waktu yang belum bisa menyesuaikan. Alhamdulillah bertemu dan mengenal EDINMELB TOEFL, tugas dan belajar sama-sama jalan. ☺

Nailatul Umniyati
Guru MI Nurul Ulum Bungah Gresik & SMP Mamba'ul Ihsan di Banyuurip Ujungpangkah Gresik

Edinmelb is a great free online course. I'm really lucky because I could join this course.
I can improve my English grammar step by step.
The learning system is systematic and easy to understand. By Edinmelb, what I didn't understand, now I really understand. Besides that, I get lots of new friends and new experiences.
Thank you Edinmelb

Nur Jannah

I am grateful to Allah SWT who has given me an opportunity to meet Edinmelb online english course. It’s really a great place to learn TOEFL online. The materials which are easy to understand and the flexible time offered by Edinmelb help me in my current job. Thank you Edinmelb! And may Allah SWT make you the first online English course in Indonesia.

[Teacher: Pak Didin Samsuddin reached a score of 650 for his post-test in Structure & Written Expression]

Pak Didin Samsuddin
English Teacher at SMPN 2 Telagasari